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The benefits of klimalan


100% natural


100% high-quality pure new sheep’s wool mainly from domestic farming under normal conditions contains: 

  • 15–16% H2O 
  • max. 0,2% lanolin (wool fat) 
  • max. 1% moth repellent 
  • no synthetic support fibres or bonding agents
  • no added flame retardants  


100% safe


  • general building regulations approval
  • self and third-party monitoring 
  • certificates/tests 
  • moth repellent 


100% quality


  • high density 
  • high heat storage capacity 
  • low heat conductivity 
  • mechanical strengthened by special needling technology 
  • low energy consumption during manufacture

Due to its high density of 35 kg/m3 and unique needling process, a special needling technology with a support fleece, klimalan offers unique quality. klimalan therefore does not need synthetic support fibres, fabrics or bonding agents. Due to the horizontal fibre orientation, there is less heat loss from convection.


klimalan — at home everywhere


  • In new buildings as ecological insulation made from renewable raw materials
  • In existing buildings as insulation made from sheep’s wool 
  • In special applications/technical insulations, etc. as sheep wool lagging 


Pollutant degradation – remediation/prevention


1 Enclosure of beams (type klimalan filz/klimalan pro)

2 Protective cover around room

a) between structural timbers (type klimalan plus) 

b) directly on walls (type klimalan filz/klimalan pro)


Heat/cold insulation


3 Internal roof insulation (type klimalan plus)

4 Installation level in framehouse (type klimalan plus)

5 Internal wall insulation (type klimalan plus)


Sound insulation/acoustics


6 Suspended acoustic ceiling (type klimalan plus) 

7 Partition wall (type klimalan plus)

8 Raised floor insulation (type klimalan plus) 

9 Impact sound insulation (type klimalan filz)

Special solutions/technical insulations 

10 Pipes (up to 130°C) (type klimalan filz) 

11 Hot water tank (type klimalan plus) 

12 Sauna (type klimalan plus)