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Sound insulation and acoustic solutions

Just because something acts as a heat barrier, it doesn’t mean that it also absorbs sound. That’s what makes klimalan different. klimalan is also a reliable sound insulator – both from the outside and inside. Our multifunctional wool fleece is suitable both for insulating airborne and structureborn noise depending on the design (as a fleece with support or as a wool felt). The result is undisturbed peace.

In its needled-fleece-on-support-felt version (type klimalan plus, F/K/A NWL 35) klimalan is an excellent airborne sound insulator, due to its high density of 35 kg/m3, its multilayer structure (fleece on felt support fabric) and the morphology of wool (hollow spaces in the wool, extreme elasticity, high crimp). In the needlefelt version (type klimalan filz, F/K/A NWF) with a density of 100 kg/m3, klimalan is used to insulate impact sound and structure-born sound.


  • Airborne sound insulation – multifunctional fleece (type klimalan plus, F/K/A NWL) 

– Partition walls

– Acoustic ceilings

– Ceilings between floors

  • Impact/structure-born sound insulation – needlefelt (type klimalan filz, F/K/A NWF) 

– Under floating floors

– In beam supports

– Under partition wall beams