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The facts – The problem

We spend a lot of our working and private life inside. We work, live and sleep there – as Central Europeans, on average we spend 90% of our life in closed spaces. However, the indoor climate is not always at its best and does not provide what we expect. A “bad atmosphere” predominates – dry air, contaminated by pollutants from building materials (binding materials, varnish, paint, adhesives) and noise can lead to sick building syndrome (SBS) in extreme cases. At best, this can be called species-appropriate keeping of humans.

The solution – The product

A good indoor climate increases the feeling of well-being and thus productivity, happiness and relaxation. It is very easy to significantly improve it in a natural way.

klimalan, an innovative multifunctional fleece, is an ecological building material with outstanding properties, which surrounds work, living and sleeping areas like a protective blanket. klimalan reduces temperature and humidity variations, air and structure-born sound, as well as (airborne) pollutants, toxins and smells. 

klimalan is ecological and economical. It is made 100% from pure new sheep’s wool. klimalan is used 

• as a woollen insulating material at the installation level of new buildings to improve heat insulation in summer 

• as a breathable interior insulation without a vapour barrier protecting from cold walls when renovating existing buildings 

• as a layer on suspended ceiling for improving acoustics

• as a remedy for new and existing buildings contaminated with pollutants 

• to simply improve the indoor climate in individual rooms

• for special applications and technical insulation

High-Tech made by nature

  • The wool fibre is an annually renewable protein fibre from domestic farming.
  • Wool get its elasticity and tear resistance from (proven) 24 amino acids, which bind together into chain-like macromolecules.
  • The stabilising effect of this bond is so strong that despite a 50% fibre elongation, the cells still hold together.
  • The scaly layer of the wool fibre is water impermeable – the wool fibre itself is moisture compensating however and can absorb up to 30% of its dry weight in humidity in the form of water vapour and release it again without getting “wet”.
  • Wool has an LOI of 25.2. The flashpoint is only reached at a temperature of 580°C.
  • As a natural substance, wool is non-allergenic or dangerous to health in any way (no respirable fibres).
  • Pure new sheep’s wool is versatile and naturally is our natural raw material for the multifunctional fleece klimalan.

klimalan – many good properties

  • Temperature compensation, outstanding thermal regulation
  • Moisture compensation, unrivalled moisture dynamics 
  • Unique acoustics 
  • Excellent sound insulation 
  • Safe/reliable sorption of pollutants and smells


Needlefelt made of pure new sheep‘s wool



• Impact sound insulation

• Structure-born sound insulation

Installation options

• Under screed

• Floating floors

• In beam supports

• Under structural timber in drywall construction


100% pure new sheep’s wool mechanically strengthened

• max. 0,2% lanolin (wool fat)

• 1% moth repellent relative to wool weight

• No synthetic support fibres

• No bonding agents

• No added flame retardants

Material thickness

Roll length

Roll width 100 cm

4 mm

40 rm/roll

40 m2/roll 

10 mm

20 rm/roll

20 m2/roll 

14 mm

15 rm/roll

15 m2/roll